At Rikworkshop we provide great website design and development.

Cool, functional, elegant custom made websites tailored specifically to your needs. Whether you need a professional looking portfolio, an e-commerce website, a web presence for your organization, or anything in between, we will work out the perfect solution for you. Our speciality are content managed websites, which put you, the client, in charge of the content. Click here to see our complete range of services. Rikworkshop – your one-stop web design and development workshop.


We take content and website design seriously and we believe these should be built on solid infrastructure. Our hosting plans cater for your scalable requirements and our industry standard technologies ensure your investment is safe for years to come. Most importantly, your website will look great on different browsers and on various devices, from large screens to mobile devices. Have a look at the technologies we use.


Fully optimized and functional products from launch, but always ready for the ever changing technologies and malicious attacks on the web. these  demand consistent monitoring and updating to ensure proper functionality. After all, you wouldn’t expect to drive a first class automobile 24/7 flawlessly without a regular service, would you? With our breakdown prevention and recovery service package, apart from great website design you will also have complete peace of mind as it offers protection and immediate recovery regardless of issues which might occur.


You have invested in your website and you want the best mechanic on the market. That’s us!

But don’t take our word for it, have a look at what our esteemed clients have to say about us.

We let them do the talking – they’ve experienced our genuine website design services and they’re proud to say it!

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Website Design - Powerful Engine Engineered for any terrain

Engineered To Last

Our solutions are Engineered To Last. Scalable infrastructure, high availability hosting, industry level mail services, true search engine optimization, all this backed by years of experience. We provide systems you can really rely on – yes really!

Elegant And Functional

Some sites are built to be functional, others are visually appealing but it’s very hard to get the best of both worlds. It’s a challenge to find that perfect mix, but we take that challenge as opportunity and we strive to provide a balanced website design which enhances your visitors’ online experience.

Simple Navigation & Control

Your website design needs to provide a great looking site but it also needs to be intuitive and easy for your visitor to navigate through. The thought process behind our websites will ensure easy and logical access to all your online content.

Low Cost Running

Fill her up once a year! With our annual maintenance and support plans you can stop worrying about the security of your website. Our cost effective packages will ensure your investment is secure and well updated.

Safety Features Included

All the latest security features are included from the first day of delivery. Clean code, stable plugins and thorough testing prior to final launch.

Runs Smooth, Runs Fast, Runs Long

Start it up and forget about it – we will take care of maintaining the smooth running of your website in the background. Think of us as little mechanics tinkering around the works while you enjoy showing it off.

Website Design - Runs fast, smooth and long

Comfortable ergonomics

A website is your shop window on the web. We will match the right colour scheme, typography, content and overall theme to reflect your product or service offering. It’s the overall experience which keeps your visitor intrigued and interested.

Polished Finish

Running smooth is good but your website also needs to look great, no matter what device or screen size. Our websites are built with responsive technology meaning that they will adjust to just about any screen size your visitors will view it on, and the popular browsers too!

Website Deisgn - Elegant, Comfortable - loads of extras.

Loads Of Optional Extras

Start off with the standard package and add options later according to your business growth. We represent some of the most respected development houses with rock solid reputation for your total peace of mind.

Book Your Website - Call The WorkShop

Not sure why you need a website or how it can promote your Organization’s image?

Contact us and we’ll discuss and fine tune your requirements. We’ll keep it simple (… and we won’t surprise you with any ‘hidden’ extras later either).

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