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Rikworkshop is a fast growing team of web design and development specialists providing businesses, organizations and individuals with an outstanding online presence and support. Our services cover a complete web provision service including Search Engine Optimization (SEO), site hosting and personalized mailboxes.


Year On Year Growth (Organic)

Our websites are developed with the latest technologies in mind, whilst being continuously updated to provide maximum compatibility with web browser updates and new technologies.


Satisfied Customers

Founded by Patrick (RikkU) in 2005 The Workshop is fast gaining a reputation for delivering great quality websites at modest fees.

We have also partnered with a number of specialists in the branding, design, production and installation of various signs, logos and other design work. This alliance allows us to offer our customers a one stop service for all their needs while maintaining a low cost base through sharing of common resources.

Trusted Partners (and counting)

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In this digital age a website is a must for your business and a great way to promote your brand.

Contact us and we’ll discuss and fine tune your requirements.

We’ll keep it simple (… and we won’t surprise you with any ‘hidden’ extras later either).

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At Rikworkshop we design websites. Cool, functional, elegant custom made websites tailored specifically to your needs. Whether you need a professional looking portfolio, an e-commerce website, a web presence for your organization, or anything in between, we will work out the perfect solution for you. Our speciality are content managed websites, which put you, the client, in charge of the content. Click here to see our complete range of services. Rikworkshop – your one-stop web design and development workshop.


We take content and design seriously and we believe these should be built on solid infrastructure. Our hosting plans cater for your scalable requirements and our industry standard technologies ensure your investment is safe for years to come. Most importantly, your website will look great on different browsers and on various devices, from large screens to mobile devices. Have a look at the technologies we use.


Fully optimized and functional products from launch, but always ready for the ever changing technologies and malicious attacks on the web which demand consistent monitoring and updating to ensure proper functionality. After all, you wouldn’t expect to drive a first class automobile 24/7 flawlessly without a regular service, would you? With our breakdown prevention and recovery service package you will have complete peace of mind as it offers protection and immediate recovery regardless of issues which might occur.

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